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Would you like your business to be seen by hundreds and hopefully thousands of potential customers in the coming months. Then advertise with us here at our newly designed Website

We have several ways that you may advertise with us. Let me list some of our ideas.

Stationary Logo on page or pages of your choice. This would be permanent and in a primary location. This would have a link to your website.

We would also have Stationary Ads about your business, that you may want us to make a link to your business through it.

Rotating banner ad, this is something we can discuss about as to where you would like it.

Also, we can make a commercial for your business and have your own little video commercial.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to advertising with Dirt Station, this is why we are not putting any rates up, we want to help get the little guys name out there besides going for corporate sponsors. So please call us at: 240-217-5969. You may also send and email to

SportsPlusVideo     216 East Potomac Street   Williamsport, Maryland 21795
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Email:     Phone: 240-217-5969